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Large arm tattoo with bright colours
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Tattoo Advice from an Experienced Tattoo Artist

in Chorlton, Manchester
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WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY : 10:00 - 18:00
Cover up tattoo - octopus design
Trust An Experienced Tattooist

For Your Next Masterpiece

At Matchek Art Tattoo, my priority is ensuring that every client has a positive and enjoyable tattoo experience. 

Take your time researching designs and artists; communicate openly with your tattooist about your ideas and expectations; trust in their expertise; prioritise proper aftercare for optimal healing - and stay informed by asking questions and seeking guidance throughout the process.


Your satisfaction and comfort are my main priorities, so please feel free to reach out with any specific questions or concerns. I'm here to make your tattoo journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


Mac's top suggestions for a successful tattoo journey

  • Have a shower
    Wake yourself up with a shower. Exfoliate the skin to be tattooed. Shave the area if you are confident you won’t cut yourself by accident. Put some moisturiser on that won’t irritate your skin.
  • What to wear?
    Be mindful of the area you are having tattooed and wear suitable clothing or bring something to change into. Wear clothing you don’t mind potentially getting ink on. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Bring extra layers in case you get too hot or too cold.
  • Stay hydrated
    Drink plenty of water the morning of your tattoo appointment. Our bodies need water to function normally and it help prevent us from feeling dizzy or sick. It also helps to heal wounds (which is what a tattoo is). Bring a bottle of water with you – you can fill it up at the studio as well, and my studio is ideally located nearby to local shops as well.
  • Eat Something
    Even if your stomach is feeling funny, it’s really important you eat something before your tattoo session. I recommend a nice carb and protein heavy meal no more than two hours before your appointment. Food is fuel for your body!
  • Bring snacks
    You can bring lunch with you or pop out for it when you are ready (again, my studio is located nearby to local shops and cafes) but I also advise bringing sweets, crisps, protein shakes and fizzy drinks with you for a boost of energy, sugar and electrolytes.
  • Stay comfortable
    You can bring your own clean blanket with you. Most tattoo studios play music or films, but you might want to bring headphones for your own choice of music or podcast to keep your mind busy. I won’t be offended if you want to get into the zone and focus on something else. You can also bring a friend for moral support too.
  • Painkillers?
    Please discuss this with your artist before taking any type of painkiller medication. Some painkillers thing the blood, and anti-inflammatories slow down the healing process. Most artists now have sprays and topical cream suggestions if you do want to discuss pain relief or management, so get in touch with me to discuss your options.
  • Communicate
    If you are feeling uneasy, anxious, nervous or uncomfortable, you should speak to your artist straight away. I am always happy to take breaks, stretch your limbs, get a drink of water, tea or coffee. Communication is the best way to manage anxiety and minimise the symptoms of it.

Where Every Line Counts

I got my first tattoo by Mac in 2020 and we built on that one this year to turn it into this beautiful big leg piece. 

I had a very vague idea of what I wanted and he turned these ideas into such a beautiful piece and was so creative with it - couldn't have asked for a better tattoo and get so many compliments on it all the time. Also, there's no tattoo artist I would rather have spent 8 hours with, he is a legend!!

Sarah K.
Bright coloured tattoo design

Matchek Art Tattoo's studio is ideally located in Chorlton, Manchester

Rose black and grey tattoo
Cover up - flower and bee tattoo
Leopard back tattoo

Explore my collection of bespoke tattoo ideas, each one a unique creation designed to ignite your own personal ink adventure.

Green ink texture

Your Next Tattoo Awaits!

Get in touch to secure your spot with me at my Manchester studio.

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